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To my 16 year old self:

Note to Reader: I had this idea sometime last year, the year that shant be named, and decided to run with it. I wondered what I would want to say to my 16 year old self, that dramatic, smiley, daydreaming, heart on her sleeve girl if I had the opporutinity to reach back in time…

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Easy Prey.

I have a tendency to isolate when I am struggling. I disconnect with social media, I stop talking with friends and I just try to cope the best way I know how. I wake up and take care of my son and try to breathe through the elephant of anxiety on my chest, focusing on…

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If I Had Ashes On My Head.

I have been reading through the Bible with some of my family for nearly a year and we’re about 2/3 of the way through, which is really exciting but not the point. Haha. I’d come across passages of scripture where people would throw ashes on their heads or cover their bodies with sackcloth. I was…

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